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The marriage between productivity and sensuality …….. 5 tips on how to be effective and feel sexy at the same time.

Posted by on Jul 4, 2014

The marriage between productivity and sensuality ……..      5 tips on how to be effective and feel sexy at the same time.

Upon actually finding myself a busy woman with ever evolving lists of things to do, I have been forced to learn how to make the dance between being and doing, and productivity and sensuality, an art form. I witness so many women falling into the trap of over doing without mixing this with the succulence of sensuality. I see them suffering the consequences as they deplete their reserves, de prioritize the art of feeling good and give more than they receive. I do not want to do that….If I have a choice I am not going to sacrifice feeling good in order to be effective and productive and ‘do my thang’ in the world I do not want to be busy if I cannot feel juicy at the same time. That is the bottom line for me. I like to feel sexy, nourished, vital and comfortable in my body and for this yummy feeling space within me to be the platform that holds and supports and informs what I do. And fortunately I do have a choice! We all do! As I have been building my business I have been conducting an unofficial research project; I have been researching how to bridge pro active doing and succulent being. Oh and what a joy it is proving to be…… hang on for a bit and I will share some of the tricks I use….but first I want to remind you that.. -Photo by Mirabai You are a Sacred Sensual creatrix! Yes! All women are channels for the expression of beauty and creativity in so many forms. We feel our happiest when we are ‘in our flow’ and vibrantly alive, useful and creative. And this natural urge to channel and create needs to stay at the forefront of what we do, whether we are working in an office or a kitchen, whether we are doing the corporate thing or creating our own sweet little empire. This is the feminine way…. The feminine way is to forever adapt, find balance and create harmony. It is a way of living what is body centered, of working with our natural flow of energy, of honoring our cycles, of connecting to the earth and keeping our cups FULL. This way we can express ourselves and share our gifts and do our thang in whatever way we feel called to, without getting depleted or tired, grumpy...

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