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The Queen of Nourishment

Posted by on Apr 7, 2014

The Queen of Nourishment

I am constantly amazed at how radiantly beautiful women become after even a short time of being nourished by love, support and yummy juicy feminine cultivation practices….. When we are nourished the light within gets turned UP, our smiles begin to SHINE and our lives becomes more graceful, sensual and ease-full. All women deserve to connect to and shine out the goddess qualities within them. I find that this is only possible when we are grounded in the rich soil of deep nourishment… Nourishment is really the art of staying in fullness….. My lecture for this week at the Tao Tantric Sacred femininity Teacher training here in Bali, was about the importance of embodying the queen of nourishment and living a self-love lifestyle, in this way we can literally create the conditions that allow us to truly flourish. Because really….. We can only grow beautiful things when we grounded in nourishment. We can only GIVE when we are Full within ourselves. We can only feel harmonious when our nervous system is calmed and balanced. Yes…we need to be our own ‘queen of nourishment’ and read on for a little journey of exploration on how your can do this. First of all, to be the queen we need  to ‘check out’ if we value our needs ourselves enough to prioritize the nourishment we need. This is an important one, i was surprised to find that many women did not nourish themselves because on some level they did not feel they were ‘worth it’. It is my life mission to show women that they are SO worth it! Also it is useful to explore how we might be ‘sabotaging’ our own nourishment and thus failing to serve our deepest needs and those of the people in our lives who greatly benefit by our good example of radiant self care. The complete nourishment pie…. There are different kinds of nourishment that feed us different flavored ‘nourishment medicine’. It is important to include a piece of each of these medicines to create our complete self-love lifestyle, our complete “nourishment pie’. The middle of our ‘nourishment pie’ is. Connecting to the source– quality time spent alone each day connecting to self (for example meditation or walking in nature). And then surrounding this essential nourishment medicine; Nature– contact with mother nature in any way you can. Life and love filled food– food that nourishes on...

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