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Wildness- the pre requisite for sanity…4 ways to call back your wild woman.

Posted by on Jul 13, 2014

Wildness- the pre requisite for sanity…4 ways to call back your wild woman.

Underneath it all, we are wild and we know it. —Reggie Ray, Buddhist scholar Yes we are, why on earth do we try and fool ourselves into thinking that we were made to sit on chairs looking at screens for hours at a time? Why do we deprive ourselves from our primal knowing and the wild one within? And why are we surprised at the consequences of this? Of ignoring our natural needs and impulses? When laziness, apathy, depression, low libido, overwhelm and confusion sets in, it is often because we have lacked to connect to and honour our wildness. Our animal bodies, our sensual nature, our primal need for connection with earth and spirit, these need to be prioritized in the face of the conditions of the crazy modern world. Really, our wildness is a pre requisite for sanity for when we know our place in our bodies, in the world then we have a firm ground on which to navigate life’s constant challenges. Nature connection is the great ‘fast track’ back to wildness, the simple act of connecting with the feel of earth beneath our feet will ‘bring us back’ but here are some other fantastic ways to reconnect, to call back the wild woman (or man) and the incredible vitality that she brings. 1.Rough and tumble. We think we are all grown up; in fact perhaps we have just become deadened stifled versions of who we really are. A bit of rough and tumble can sort that one out…. Humans, like animals, need to PLAY! We need to enter into that instinctual physical messing around mode, it wakes us up, it loosens us up, it ignites our passion and embodied awareness as free beings only ‘acting’ as responsible humans…. I recently spent time with a man who was happy to wrestle on the ground, roll down hills and laugh like children, It was pure medicine, there is nothing like finding a man who never acts like you are ‘too much’. I got so high on ‘rough and tumble’ that sweet feelings of happiness and freedom started ping ponging through my being. I felt free, a happy little girl, a playful animal. It felt like home. Rough and tumble is best a shared experience, wrestling, rolling, wriggling, squealing, any playful illogical behavior that is FUN falls under this category, I cannot recommend it enough….find a lover, sister or brother...

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