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7 Secrets for Sparkling Shakti

Posted by on May 30, 2014

7 Secrets for Sparkling Shakti

I have been working with a client this week and one thing she mentioned is how she would like to ‘bring the magic into her daily life’. I am all about ‘living in the flow’ but i am also all about action plans and being pro-active. And I definitely  pro-active when it comes to creating a super juicy nourishing life that makes space for the mystery and the magic and the beauty, and I guide my clients to do the same. This week I share some of the simple ways i ‘Sparkle up my Shakti’ (this is a Tantric term for Feminine Energy) in order to boost my energy levels and invite the divine to dance through my days… . And yes- you can try this at home! I have learnt a lot from living part time in Asia for big chunks of my adult life.. From the beginning I was enamored by the ceremonies, the mantras, the practices that made me feel alive and engaged with more than just the physical dimension…..I have learnt that there are damn good reasons for what they do and that those actions are based on eternal principals and wisdom. What these more ‘spiritually focused’ cultures understand is that. Little daily rituals can inject magic into our days I feel that we all (especially women!) really yearn to have the flow of the magical and the mystical weaved though our’ mundane lives. I have learnt to adapt simple rituals to suit my unique character and my changing life situation; I call this ‘shakti spring cleaning’and we can all create our own versions of this- in fact we must if we want to be vital juicy radiant women!!!! ‘Shakti spring cleaning’ is an act of devotion to being our most radiant selves  ‘Shakti spring cleaning’ is as natural as can be and as old as the hills, basically, when you boost the positive vibrations in a place, whether in your own body or your outer environment, it harmonizes and beautifies and makes you feel GOOD- here are some ways to do that. 1. Blessings (aka-gratitude prayers)…..Do not under rate it- use it! Harnessing the power of your positive intentions is a much better way to spend your time then going around in mental loops of worry- agreed! So in the morning, make that positive imprint, say that big thank you for all that is (or...

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