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Why ‘spiritual’ men can be such a pain in the ass (& why we love them too)…..

Posted by on Oct 20, 2014

Why ‘spiritual’ men can be such a pain in the ass (& why we love them too)…..

Whilst recovering from an intense dual between Shakti and Shiva ,in the boxing ring of conscious relationship. I felt moved to share these insights. You may relate to them, you may not. Whatever you do, please take this lightly….  First of all i would like to clarify; the kind of men I refer to are the kind of men who are consciously ‘on the path’. And so for want of a better word, I call them ‘spiritual’ here, I am sure you know who I mean….  At some point I realised that I could only really be with men who were at least trying to be conscious, and that If they did not have any spiritual awareness- then we probably wouldn’t have much in common and would not be on equal footing. So since that that time I have only attracted ‘spiritual’ men into my romantic sphere, and really, that has been perhaps more challenging than I had bargained for…(hence the ‘pain in the arse bit).   And i am sure that many other women can relate to my observations.  Here are some key reasons why we both love ( and get completely frustrated by) our male counterparts on the spiritual path… They have a spiritual justification for friggin everything.  Oh goddess…. They can be a veritable encyclopaedia of spiritual knowledge. They will ruthlessly squash your feminine need for emotional connection under a spiritual concept. They will give you advaitic discourses and lectures on impermanence when you just want a hug. Basically, in the realm of words and ideas and spiritual concepts, he is in his comfort zone, and he may tend to hang out in that comfort zone with his spiritual concepts for company, as you ride the waves of emotional energy. If he stays on his spiritual high horse, you can well begin to feel like an un-evolved, over emotional and hopelessly ‘attached’ being as he ‘witnesses’ your process from an annoyingly detached standpoint. (Deep sigh). It is your stuff When you say something to the effect of “I feel sad because you………”. He says “Well! This must be the sadness you have in you already that is arising, its got nothing to do with me”.  It can become like a ping pong game with the ball always swiftly coming right back in your face even if you feel that you have sent out a particularly valid...

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