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How to be in your power as a woman AND be open to LOVE

Posted by on May 30, 2016

How to be in your power as a woman AND be open to LOVE

Insights for women on how to find that sweet balance between being strong, vulnerable and open. Do you know how it feels to be playful and open, and ALSO centered and connected? This fusion of softness and inner strength is an important key to feeling fulfilled as a woman, and if we bring these qualities into our relationships they tend to be nourishing and empowering and fulfilling. From working with SO many women I have noticed 2 kinds of patterns. The first I would call ‘un- boundary-ed women’. These are basically women with undefined boundaries, women who find it difficult to say no and tend to ‘lose themselves’ in relationships. These women are ‘too open’ in a way that leaves them disconnected from their inner source of wisdom and strength. This is one extreme. Where openness is not accompanied by firm inner roots connecting us to our self worth, our own needs and our unique voice. Then there are the women with what I call ‘strong women syndrome’. These women are disconnected from their feminine qualities in a way that hardens them and prevents them from being able to give and RECEIVE love freely and truly relax and let go of control in everyday life. Both of these patterns can block us from living in our power and creating healthy empowering relationships. Do you relate to this? Like many women I suffered what I call ‘ strong woman syndrome’. Through necessity I learnt to look after myself and cope in many different challenging circumstances. The connection to my inner ‘warrioress’ helped me to create healthy boundaries and own my worth and speak my truth with confidence. But the journey has not stopped there… Because I, like most women, yearn for intimacy…. I do not want to be so strong and self sufficient that I am guarded against receiving love…. I want to be acknowledged as a beautiful woman, to be seen and celebrated by the masculine and to receive appreciation, affirmation and love, not from neediness or disempowerment, but from a place of deep self love. And i want to ‘get out of my head’ and feel deep pleasure, blissful union and surrender…daily…. Not only that, but I do not want to ‘lose myself’ and my connection to my own power in the process…. Are you with me? So how do we find this delicate balance between the strong and...

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