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Making sex sacred – 7 steps to sensual bliss

Posted by on Feb 25, 2013

Making sex sacred  –  7 steps to sensual bliss

Women. At the end of the day, don’t we all just want to feel truly radiantly alive? Do we not yearn to be sensuously expressed and physically held in the presence of love? Don’t we crave the experience of being deeply met and celebrated, and blissfully merged with our true selves, with our partners, and with life? And really – is that all too much to ask? Do we really need to settle for mediocre sex? Is this sneaky feeling that life and sex could be a whole lot more amazing and cosmic than what we may have experienced, a complete fantasy? Is this experience something we have to seek somewhere outside of ourselves? Do we have to become ‘evolved’ tantric queens or perfect wives or skilful lovers to earn our right to what we know, deep down, we are here for – an actual, real life experience of divine union? A revolutionary suggestion: instead of searching our external worlds to give us what we don’t have, perhaps we could reignite our relationship with our inner terrain? We could unearth our own sexual power and vitality. The landscape of conscious feminine sexuality is a vast, pulsating, ever-changing, living, breathing territory with endless layers of feeling and dimensions of sensation. Sadly, most of us have never been offered the treasure map that helps us navigate our way to it and around it. Few women have been raised to merge their sexuality and spirituality, yet when we do, our sexual life truly becomes a doorway to our deeper self, and the experience of blissful union we naturally crave. This sacred sensual adventure is available to you, whatever your situation may be. The following steps will guide you on your own journey, to the heart of intimacy, to bliss and back home again…. Step 1 – Build your power Before you can get intimate with anyone, you have to be intimate with yourself. Simple. We will always be dependant on other people and circumstances until we get can intimate with the power that rests in our sexual centres. Our breasts, bellies, wombs, yonis and ovaries are goldmines. They are the source, and each is a journey in itself. There are roadmaps already activated, offered by wise cultures that knew about this power and created techniques to unlock the treasures within the feminine body. These include Taoist sexual practices, Yoga and Tantra ....

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