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Breaking down or cracking open?…How to find the gifts in personal crisis

Posted by on Jan 22, 2015

Breaking down or cracking open?…How to find the gifts in personal crisis

There comes a point when you have to choose to let that which does not work in your life break down, so that you may be cracked open to something bigger, wider, and truer… Many of us have been at that point, or are arriving at that point. We are getting that inner feeling that things gotta change, we have to slow down, let go, take stock. Maybe we need to start saying yes maybe we need to start saying a lot of NO, before we get to our yes It looks different for each of us, but one thing is almost certain , and that is that before we get to the juicy bit we probably have to travel for a while though very choppy waters indeed. There might be an earth quake or 2, or perhaps a desert to pass through. This might look like a ‘break down’ to those around you, Breaking down and cracking open, transformation and crisis….there certainly is a fine line between the two, and often they are misunderstood.. My message to any of you who are ‘going thought it’ this is a reminder that YOU ARE NORMAL AND IN FACT YOU ARE DOING GREAT. And i would also like to share with you some important tips to help you along your path as you traverse the rugged terrain of inner transformation. First of all i want to say THANK YOU FOR FEELING IT When we sign up to feel what we had been suppressing, to explore what triggers us, and embody the full whammy of what we are…we are not only serving our own deepening into truth and creating a more authentic life, we are also serving the collective.  I am no stranger to this radical reforming, and there have been many moments where I have wondered what the hell I was doing???why couldn’t i have signed up for a ‘normal life’ and not have to feel ALL THIS!!!….but from the other side of the waves of intensity I can consistently report that the process of breaking down has been an extraordinary process leading to a re birth that i could never imagine. If we are going though this intensive re shaping whilst in the west it is SO easy to feel like a mess, a failure, like something is wrong, if we went to a doctor at that time for sure we would be prescribed...

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