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Filling up your inspiration tank….3 keys for being a creative woman

Posted by on Jul 28, 2014

Filling up your inspiration tank….3 keys for being a creative woman

I used to think that creativity was reserved for ‘artists’, but i have discovered that creativity is a way of life, and that to live creatively is to life a full vibrant juicy life. Women particularly are creative beings, we LOVE to be a vessel for creative expression, it brings us to life. We need to nurture this, filling up our inspiration tanks regularly and making sure that our creative juices are flowing freely. Sexual energy is creative energy Sexual energy is essentially life force, it is creative energy and when it is flowing freely in our bodies then good health and creative inspiration is abundant. In the body the home of creative energy is in the ovaries. We can contact and cultivate creative energy through communing with the creative essence in our ovaries and channel this into creative expression of all kinds.  It has no limits We can allow our creative sexual energy to express itself through the way that we dress, eat, move,decorate, shop, recycle etc….truly there are no limits to the ways that we express our creativity, the other day I was paid money wrapped up in a bundle of herbs form the garden- these little details make life more colourful. Everyday, if we pay attention and ‘think outside of the box’ there are so many ways that we can be creative. I have found one essential secret to being a creative woman, and that is… Getting out of the way I have had to learn that creativity is not about ‘getting anything right’ To be creative beings, we absolutely have to get out of our own way and allow life to express through us. If I focus on the end result, I begin to judge what I am creating, but if I focus on the process and feel what is naturally bubbling within me, making time and space to experiment, feel, explore freely, then I ‘get out of the way’ and often I am surprised by what comes out. Topping up your inspiration tank In a busy modern world it may be necessary to consciously nurture your creative self and fill up your inspiration tanks regularly, here are 3 keys to do this; 1.Getting to know your inner landscape One way to do this is to pay attention to your inner world, to not brush away your deep feelings, but to listen and feel for their texture,...

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