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Sharing the Sacred Succulence

Posted by on May 16, 2014

The way back home is only a sigh away…. the beauty and power of sacred succulence is the gift of aliveness we find within our own bodies when we take the time to pause, to feel, to activate and regenerate.

It is possible to be full power and productive and restful, trusting and vital, all at the same time. The feminine path of surrender, sprinkled with sighs, laden with nourishment and infused with embodied presence, offers us a path of balance. and this nourishing medicine is exactly what myself and Rachel Ma share on our ‘Sacred Succulence’ retreats….

We have just finished an incredible week retreat, sighing, softening and surrendering  with some wonderful women here in Bali…and i bow down to the potency of a space created for nurture, exploration and celebration. I am amazed by the incredible transformation possible in the space of sisterhood.


I bow down to the Tao Tantric Arts and transformational breathwork and all the other yummy tools we offer on our workshops and retreats. I bow down to the incredible beauty of Bali, the deliciousness of Soma’s live organic delicious food
 and the inherent beauty and courageousness of women.




 These shots of the retreat were taken by the amazing Zia Zeff; go to www.zia-zeff.com to see more of her incredible work!

We are currently planning another retreat later on in the year…so stay tuned!



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