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Sessions with Shradha

Tantric Empowerment and Healing Sessions for Women and Men

Shradha is an experienced healer who specialises with working with women’s issues and intimacy issues for both men and women..

She holds a safe and loving space for you to completely surrender, heal, nourish, transform and be empowered.

I can help you to;

  • Release shame, guilt, fear and negative self talk
  • Find your life purpose and authentic power
  • Create a nourishing relationship with your body and your sexuality
  • Create healthy boundaries and find your authentic voice
  • Relax into your sensual essence and bring a sense of the sacred to your sexual life

Shradha works intuitively with a variety of tools to clear your energetic blocks and help you arrive at a sense of empowerment and clarity. The sessions may include some or all of the following:

    • Hands on healing and bodywork (if the session is in person);
    • ​Guided meditations, energy healing and assisted enquiry;
    • Practical Tao Tantric techniques to help you heal sexual issues and develop a nourishing and fulfilling relationship to your body and your sexuality;
    • Assistance in releasing old patterns and  attachments to past issues/relationships;
    • Guidance on creating new nourishing habits and a action plan for how you really want to live.

    The sessions are either over skype or in person (prices vary accordingly)

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Shradha is a natural healer and space holder, a certified Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Tao Tantra Facilitator, Reiki master and experienced teacher of Sacred Sensuality and Yogic bodywork.

What previous clients have said...

Kate, Artist/Teacher Australia

In our one-on-one teachings Shradha gave me personalized practical exercises which have transformed and expanded the sensuous experience and knowledge of my own body and innate power.. I felt immediately comfortable to learn and explore the teachings with vulnerability and curiosity with her kind and nurturing support.

Christina-Newcastle Australia

You were the healer that left me swimming in the nectar of the divine…

Ali - Counselor Perth Australia

Shradha has such a strong connection with soul. I experienced an honoring and activation of the sacred feminine within me. Her unique gifts provided a gentle but profound healing experience and effective and empowering whole body integration. A truly profound and transformational experience. Thank You!

If this sounds like something which could serve you please contact Shradha directly to book a session.

Intuitive Yogic Bodywork

Shradha has 20 years experiential wisdom of bodywork and healing.

She embodies the intuitive touch that takes you beyond any resistances and into a depth of surrender and peace that perhaps you have not felt before.

Her hands know exactly where to go to release your energetic blockages and she works with the flowing movements of intuitive Thai Yoga massage to unwind your tension and place you in the loving arms of the great mother energy.

This deep holding will invite in the transformation that you are ready for at this time. These sessions run from 90-120 minutes, prices vary depending on location.

CONTACT Shradha for details.

Here is what people have said about the bodywork sessions:

Claire - Yoga Teacher North Devon UK

Lost for words!…..with Sonja’s strength and holding I was able to completely let go of my body and mind, thoughts dropped away, my body felt openings and releases deep inside. Sonja lead me on an amazing journey through my body to a place of complete surrender and stillness.

Lisa - Yoga Teacher Melbourne Australia

I have had a lifetime of massage treatments but with Shradha I found the true meaning and release of bodywork. Her whole heart makes her sessions a truly transformative experience.

Rinske - Lecturer Melbourne Australia

What a gift- to feel so safe and nurtured physically. Shradha is a rare being whose tactile skill lies not only in her deep understanding of the body but particularly in her refined ability to listen in to anothers body. I have been sore and un-energized for months and a session with Shradha has powerfully transformed me- Remarkable.