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Sacred Feminine Yoga

Does your current yoga practice get you out of our head and into states of bliss, beauty, clarity and surrender?? If not..and you would like it to…read on..

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For many women modern life has forced them to inhabit their masculine side in order to be independent. This can be to our detriment when our softer feminine side is not able to express itself. 

Many women have fallen into the trap of approaching their yoga practice in the same way that they approach their lives, with control, with tension, with force, with an emphasis on alignment and achievement.

This compounds the sense of being ‘out of touch with their own femininity’ which so many women feel and which contributes to physical and emotional issues like;

Adrenal Fatigue, Depression, Breast and Ovarian Cancer, Sexual issues, insomnia, etc.


Yoga practiced in a feminine way:

– Nurtures, activates and utilises your sexual energy;

– Assists weight loss, fertility, menstrual difficulties, lack of self worth, nervous system and adrenal fatigue and impaired digestion through nourishing us on a very deep level;

– It brings us back to ourselves, back in connection with all of life. It brings us back to clarity and our own compassionate heart;

– It allows us to embrace all aspects of ourselves and experience life as a learning experience, and a precious gift.

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Feminine yoga incorporates the feminine qualities of gentleness, flow, receptivity and sensuality.

It includes both gentle and dynamic flowing asana, Tao tantric sexual techniques, Devi mantra, Womb meditation and nourishing Pranayama.

Its natural flow allows us to be absorbed into the river of Shakti (feminine life force energy) coursing through our bodies and activating the radiance that shines from within.

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