Wild Sacred Feminine

Sacred Womens Practices 4 Healing & Empowerment

Workshops and retreats

All the Wild Sacred Feminine workshops and retreats create a potent container of sacred space for you to heal, nourish, transform and build your vital energy.

They offer you a living experience of your feminine essence and power so that you can take this into your daily life.

What kind of woman comes to these workshops?

  • We attract women searching for a more fulfilling experience of being a woman, women of all ages and colours and types. Most women are surprised to find just how healing and transformative gathering in sacred space with other women is
  • The feminine techniques and practices we share guide women towards a deeper relationship with themselves, their femininity and the world around them.
  • Women leave our workshops and retreats shining and radiant and excited about their lives. This is why we are passionate about what we do, because we see that this work is powerful, bringing more love, acceptance, joy and pleasure into the lives of the women who come to work with us.

Who benefits from these workshops?

Any women who experience any of the following will find the techniques we offer and the space we hold, valuable and probably life changing.

Low energy, low confidence, numb sexual organs and/or inability to orgasm, unfulfilling sexual experiences and/or sexual trauma, PMS, menopausal symptoms, body image issues, a feeling of not feeling juicy, excited or inspired by life, lack of confidence, inability to access inner guidance or create healthy boundaries, difficulty in maintaining or attracting fulfilling relationships, difficulty in creating a happy healthy lifestyle.

Ann Hobbs, Empowerment Coach, Bristol, UK

The space you provided was such a special one and I felt very safe (something that some workshops fail to provide). I felt very held and supported, so thank you greatly. It also felt connected to my femininity something which I’m seeking to improve. Words cannot express how this work has helped me to accept who I am!


I felt a nurturing, safe space was created . I felt no pressure to be or do anything that I didn’t want to and very much accepted for who I am. This encouraged me to really enter into the spirit of celebrating shakti and engaging in a playful and joyful way with my feminine power and sexuality. I love the simple yet powerful exercises that we did in and feel that a door was opened to further potential as to who I am and can be as a woman.

Yogic, Tantric and Taoist techniques, practices and Sacred Rituals are offered from a feminine perspective in a way that is fun, nourishing, practical and deeply healing and transformative.

Sarah, chef, Oxford, UK

I went out after the workshop and was surprised at the attention I received from men, I felt so grounded and centred in my own womb space, I simply radiated my feminine essence and people noticed. I was surprised to find that the sensual exercises that we did felt so natural and not weird at all…

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Some more testimonials from previous participants… .
Liz, chocolate maker – Hastings-UK

Thanks so much for the workshop, I REALLY enjoyed it and got loads out of it. The chi gong was a revelation. I could really feel the difference yesterday evening, it felt like all the ‘energy storing’ we had done had worked as it literally felt like I had more energy in my pelvic area.

Leticia Hughes, Emotional Educator and Detox Coach, London – UK

Sonja’s compassion amongst her easiness to let the present be, gave me the opportunity I needed to open up and experience myself. Her workshop was informative, experiential and there was the right space for sharing with the group. She definitely ‘walks her talk’ and that is felt at the minute you meet her. I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to more in the future.

Wendy, Aromatherapist, UK

The women’s workshop was deeply powerful and deliciously sensual.