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Yummy in my Tummy Vegetarian Cookbooks Combined


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Yummy in My Tummy cookbooks are fun, original and informative guides to making simple, healthy and very very yummy foods.

They were created to encourage anyone and everyone to embark on a nutritious journey towards greater self-love and physical and spiritual well-being.

The books are practical and appropriate for those without a clue as to how to cook yummy healthy food, as well as being a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration for all seasoned food lovers (you know who you are guys !!!!!…..).

  • They provide lots of great tips on how to cook without wheat, meat, sugar
  • and dairy without leaving out the all important yum factor.
  • They give advice on how to eat well ‘on the go’ – and on a  minimal budget.
  • They encourage you to have fun and be experimental in the kitchen, to love your food …and love yourself … and to make food preparation a conscious and joyful experience.

Why not use food as a way to celebrate life? Feed your body, feed your soul-and get some optimum yumminess in your tummy!


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