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I f***ing ROCK!- and other fear busting mantras

Posted by on Dec 12, 2013

A wise woman once told me ‘Girl! You gotta get out there and be like-I f***ing rock!’

When she told me, i actually scribbled down notes… I knew in my belly that she was offering me a valuable nugget of wisdom and I have gone on to make the most of her empowering message.

What she was really telling me was to stop acting small and go out there and do my thing.

So these days, whenever I am doubting my worth and kind of freaking out because life is asking me to ‘put myself out there’ and go beyond my comfort zone- I pull this baby out…. I speak it in my mind with gusto as I walk, dance, ride my motorbike, basically, I use it whenever I either need reminding or just as a celebration chant.

I don’t just roll the words around my mind, I blast it through my cells, I breath them through my yoni, I pulsate them through my entire being. I use them to expand and empower me so that I can step out of my little box of ‘I am not good enough and into a much more spacious place that gives me the confidence to offer my gifts to the world with confidence.

And when I do this, something in me goes ‘oh yeah…you know I do f***ing rock…The words call me to attention, they make me stand up straighter, breathe more fully, strut with a little more pizaz…. Basically these words of power encourage me to step up and own my power and claim the worth of what I have to offer.

And sheesh! We all have something to offer, and we are doing absolutely no one any service at all by playing it small and holding back from fear of our bigness. So this is why utilizing words of power becomes a national service rather than an indulgent ego trip.

And in case you are not clear about what a mantra is exactly I would suggest that they are quite simply, words that have the power to effect a change in our experience. They give our minds something useful to chew on rather than that old ‘I am not enough’ program that we may have running.

The Sanskrit word ‘mantra’ is literally interpreted as ‘instrument for the mind’. Through speaking a powerful mantra, whether it is a traditional one like the classic ‘Om namah shivaya’ or one we have picked to meet the needs of the moment (like the ones I am sharing today). We direct our mind power in an empowering direction and elicit a positive change in our vibration and hence, the way we feel, and hence, the way that life responds to us.

Hallelujah! (oh- and there is another great one)

Lets go ahead and explore some other great possibilities…

I am sooooo abundant

I grew up with a frugal virgo mother (sorry ma- there were also some great gifts in this one too so thank you) and I inherited the ‘ there is not enough’ way of thinking at a young age. What I have learnt as I have grown and developed is that if you think that there is not enough, well, there wont be enough. 

I am not suggesting that we all go out and mindlessly pillage the worlds resources but I would suggest that if you notice yourself believing in a paradigm of lack, that you could up level that by introducing an ‘I am soooo abundant’ flavour to your world.

Why? To open up some space for you to receive some abundance. Because yes spirit wants you to be abundant ! You are certainly not doing anyone any favours by denying yourself things you really want and need and enjoy.  The cosmic fact is that the more you have the more you can give. It is a win-win situation girlfriend!

I am totally safe

Yes you are.

Once I heard a wise woman (they really are everywhere!) telling some young girls ‘If you feel safe in your body you are comfortable anywhere’, I think I may have applauded; she had hit the nail right on the head. I use this one when I am driving on my motorbike and imagine myself crashing into the back of the nearest truck. At that moment I beam in ‘I am totally safe’.

The result? I breathe more deeply, and probably drive more consciously too. Not only that, I change the game plan and steer it into a better direction.

Our minds are so powerful, so we have to be careful what we feed it. Living in fear of the ‘bad things that could happen’ is a great way of inviting what you fear into your reality. Continue to make wise decisions by checking into what your body has to say (it could actually be telling you that you are in a situation that is not safe! So what is it saying? Listen!!!). But when you notice that you are running an unwarranted fear program throw in a ‘ I am totally safe’ into your body and relax….

I am fully supported

And again, yes you are, I am not suggesting that you use words that are not packed with truth. The truth is that we are completely supported, at all times, by all of life; even if our vision is too small to perceive this at this time.  

We can open up our ability to sense this truth by using this gorgeous mantra. When we speak it (internally or externally), something inside us lets go, our grip on life relaxes a bit and we have the marvellous opportunity to feel the deep support that is always available to us.

If that just sounds like drivel to you, or perhaps a lofty concept that you cannot feel for yourself, then I invite you to experiment with pulsating this powerful statement through your body and mind and see what happens.

I don’t know about you, but I have noticed that I have a natural tendency to second-guess myself through believing that the worst is going to happen rather than the best. Therefore I have chosen to believe in the best possible vision of my life. I invite you to do the same and use your words wisely.

Feel free to create you own empowering mantras and to use them to drastically transform your world in incredible ways.

You got the power!!!!!Use it!!!!!


(By the way- if you bung this one on the end of any of your mantras it adds an extra boost through empowering it with the power of the universe…..)



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