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Reclaiming the love body

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  • Date: Tue, May 28, 2013
  • Time: 2:21 am

you have been living with a negative internal dialogue about your body and you feel ready to see how you can move through this and embrace your body on a new level, then this weekend workshop is for you. It is an invitation to enter sacred space and reclaim the body that you deeply love.

Reclaiming is a process of opening the pathways for life force to move through and re awakening consciousness in the parts of our bodies we have shut off from. It is a process of letting go of beliefs and old wounds that no longer serve us.
And of becoming deeply intimate with our experience and nourished by both our inner life and our connection to the earth.
It is a journey of discovery and remembrance, of empowerment and living poetry, of letting go and filling up, of taking refuge in our sensual selves and finding all that we need right here right now.

*We will journey deep and utilize the skills of the Tao Tantric Feminine Arts to aid the process of healing and graceful transformation.

*We will cultivate the ability to feel very safe and very held and very loved, to feel nourished and fulfilled and creative and juicy in our bodies.

*We will learn energy techniques that enable us to get so juiced up on vital life force energy that we begin to feel love and beauty surging through our embodied life.

Day 1 we will ease in gently with connecting to our sisters and creating sacred space, we will begin to open our energy pathways and refine our deep intentions. We will explore the beliefs that we have held about our bodies and open ourselves to healing negative body beliefs. We will call upon our capacity for sensitivity and unconditional love and ignite a divine romance with the energetic life within our bodies.

On Day 2 we will begin to focus more on our sexuality, we will clear negative imprints from our sexual centre and begin to awaken more consciousness and love there. We will learn ancient Taoist skills to help us to connect with our sexuality in joyful, playful and powerful ways.

The entire weekend will be held in sacred space, it will be held in a magical red tent that has been created and consecrated for deep healing. We will be held in a highly intentional and heart centred space to invite the healing and transformation that we are ready for at this time.

In the process of ‘Reclaiming the love body’ we cultivate our ability to receive pleasure and celebrate our inherent sensuality.
This is ultimately a joyful journey as we reclaim and rest into our beauty and feminine power, the power that comes from deep within and feeds all of life.

Shradha Devi (Sonja Kovachevich) is highly experienced at holding sacred space for women’s transformation and healing, she offers her depth of presence and wisdom to assist you on your own journey of self-discovery, healing and awakening.

Jai ma! May all women delight in the awakened love alive in their own bodies!

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