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Making sex sacred – 7 steps to sensual bliss

Posted by on Feb 25, 2013

Women. At the end of the day, don’t we all just want to feel truly radiantly alive? Do we not yearn to be sensuously expressed and physically held in the presence of love? Don’t we crave the experience of being deeply met and celebrated, and blissfully merged with our true selves, with our partners, and with life? And really – is that all too much to ask? Do we really need to settle for mediocre sex? Is this sneaky feeling that life and sex could be a whole lot more amazing and cosmic than what we may have experienced, a complete fantasy? Is this experience something we have to seek somewhere outside of ourselves? Do we have to become ‘evolved’ tantric queens or perfect wives or skilful lovers to earn our right to what we know, deep down, we are here for – an actual, real life experience of divine union? A revolutionary suggestion: instead of searching our external worlds to give us what we don’t have, perhaps we could reignite our relationship with our inner terrain? We could unearth our own sexual power and vitality. The landscape of conscious feminine sexuality is a vast, pulsating, ever-changing, living, breathing territory with endless layers of feeling and dimensions of sensation. Sadly, most of us have never been offered the treasure map that helps us navigate our way to it and around it. Few women have been raised to merge their sexuality and spirituality, yet when we do, our sexual life truly becomes a doorway to our deeper self, and the experience of blissful union we naturally crave. This sacred sensual adventure is available to you, whatever your situation may be. The following steps will guide you on your own journey, to the heart of intimacy, to bliss and back home again…. Step 1 – Build your power Before you can get intimate with anyone, you have to be intimate with yourself. Simple. We will always be dependant on other people and circumstances until we get can intimate with the power that rests in our sexual centres. Our breasts, bellies, wombs, yonis and ovaries are goldmines. They are the source, and each is a journey in itself. There are roadmaps already activated, offered by wise cultures that knew about this power and created techniques to unlock the treasures within the feminine body. These include Taoist sexual practices, Yoga and Tantra ....

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Reclaiming the feminine practice of prayer

Posted by on Mar 30, 2013

The Divine feminine is within us and all around us, in the tantric traditions she is seen as the divine manifested in form; into life force energy and all that life force energy pours itself into. Whilst her masculine counterpart, Shiva, is un-manifested divine consciousness, the Divine feminine is manifested in the world. She is revealed and expressed in our bodies, our breath ,the natural world and in the endless dance of birth, life, growth and death. To connect with Shiva we ‘go beyond’ the physical and emotional realms to the underlying truth beyond form. But if we want to connect to the Divine feminine, we can find her on her dance floor, which is this world we live in that we can perceive with our senses.  She is doing her dance through the medium of your body, your desires, your pain, your life path…..   The act of prayer is the act of calling her in to dance her dance freely within you! For the last few weeks I have been back in the crazy, amazing mother India, by the banks of the sacred river, the mother Ganga.  Everyday thousands of people come to bathe in her waters and meditate, chant and pray.  And you can feel the effects of this; there is a tangible presence and power in this river that I attribute to the fact that so many people have consciously poured their love and devotion into her, on a daily basis, for literally thousands of years. Where ever i live in the world my daily prayer at a natural water source is the highlight of my day. I approach all water as the water goddess herself  I come to her with deep respect, sometimes I bring a flower offering, sometimes I light a candle and send a prayer down the river, but what is most important is that I approach her consciously, I take my time, give thanks, say a prayer, I use the time to connect to myself, to the river, with the essence of life.  I find that this renews and rejuvenates me on so many levels. Like a living goddess in the form of purifying water taking off all the layers of dirt and confusion to reveal what is shining and pure within. There are different ways that we can approach ‘the sacred’; as if it is outside of us or inside of us. Ultimately the intention...

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Things to do in the yoni-verse

Posted by on May 9, 2013

Oh my! What a multi dimensional and multi orgasmic terrain there is to be discovered in the sexual organs of woman! Unfortunately many women are not as intimate with this terrain as they could be… Many women leave the explorations of this area to other people, yet what a fulfilling and enlightening journey it is to journey through ones own yoni-verse…   For those who have not yet cottoned on….’yoni’ is an ancient name for vagina, but more than that, yoni often refers to all of the female sexual organs, but more importantly than that, yoni is a Sanskrit word that means sacred space.   Generally modern women are not raised to approach their sexual organs as sacred space.   Some women speak about their yonis as ‘down there’. Others mindlessly stimulate their yonis in order to gain a fleeting respite from otherwise unremarkable lives. Others allow men to enter their sacred space without reverence or respect.   All of this indicates a sad state of affairs for human kind, fortunately though…yoni as sacred space is BACK (or rather it is being reclaimed) and women are finding that there are wonderful ways to celebrate their sexuality and evoke the sacred all at the same time.   Exploring the yoni-verse   Like many women I did not take the time to really get to know myself sexually, I left that to the men that I was with. Fortunately my path has brought me to discover the many wonderful tools and techniques of Tao Tantra to help me to cultivate and celebrate my sexual energy and pilgrimage through my own ‘yoni-verse’.     Tantra and Taoism originate from India and China back in the day when these cultures had a deep understanding of the power and preciousness of sexual energy. Both of these systems merge sexuality and spirituality through alchemical meditative practices that utilize our energetic pathways and capacity for feeling.   Women are such sensual, full- feeling creatures, rather than trying to transcend this we can utilize this. Our journeys in the yoni verse can be a meditation and our sexual energy becomes cosmic fuel for divine union.   Tantric and Taoist sexual practices aim to transform raw sexual energy into refined spiritual energy. The Tao Tantric arts, a fusion of these systems, offer us feminine practices guide us to heal, activate and celebrate our sexual organs and use our...

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The power of pottering

Posted by on Jun 28, 2013

This morning I woke up in a funk, I had hectic dreams about running and hiding and I woke up tired and disturbed. In short- I was saved by a day of pottering about. Ahhh just the simplicity of that. I found myself bumbling about doing unexpected things. Sorting out my belongings, moving slowly, and going with the next activity that pulled me. It can feel like a crazy life, so full of goings on, emotional happenings, deep urges, practical matters, longings and sadness, meetings, celebrations, disappointments, action and upheavals. It all becomes manageable after some time tending to the nest- wherever that may be. Mine is a room in a dear friends house at the moment, and that will change next week. My life is living proof that nests can be made anywhere. And days like today show me the importance of taking the time to rest, to bimble ,to take stock, to do the small things that need to be done. To be kind, to be gentle, to give myself a break. To both keep thing in perspective and let go and allow life to do that thing it does so well. It is my eternal quest to trust it, this meandering wild life, with endless layers, infinite depths, and moments of surprising simplicity. Where we find that simplicity is the place that we have to go regularly. It could be a little room that if yours to call your own, or it could be a quiet place inside on which you can touch base. It’s the simplicity that makes the craziness manageable and sustainable. Today I remembered the power of pottering; the importance of pruning back a bit to make the structure strong. If you are lucky enough to have a nest, give it some love, it will love you right back.  ...

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Good things come to those who wait-4 yogic tactics to chill you out when impatience strikes.

Posted by on Jul 10, 2013

Recently I asked my mother what my birth was like and she immediately responded – ‘quick’. Apparently the mid-wife didn’t even have a chance to put her gloves on! So to me it seems official – I have always been in a hurry!  I am the kind of person who bangs the button of a street light consistently until the  light changes. When I find myself behind an incredibly slow walker (and I find it very interesting indeed how they always appear just when I am in a hurry, do you think the universe is trying to tell me something?) it takes an enormous effort to slow down my pace and not dive  around them and continue with my dynamic strut. Yet at the same time I am very well aware that time is in fact an illusion, a human made measuring tool to measure the immeasurable. Like everyone, I have experienced first hand the way that time can crawl along and also fly by and I have also spent long periods in meditation, deeply absorbed in the timeless state of being. In that space beyond to-do lists and train schedules I receive the deep nourishment born of the simplicity of being, ringing with the beauty of non-doing. And it is the ‘plugging in and filling up’ of this nourishment that enables me to function in this world without getting disconnected and stressed out. As a devoted yogini I approach my life as a living enquiry – a dynamic laboratory of experiential learning. With curiosity and openness as my ally I have taken the opportunity to have a good old look at Impatience. What I have found is that when impatience rises up my body is no longer a pleasurable place to inhabit. My breath becomes constricted and my belly tightens. And how does that feel? Not good at all. There is no space, no fluidity, no freedom. I cease to be aware of my surroundings. Instead, my awareness is fully focused on where I think I need to  be. My life force is constricted and my body is inclining forward into the future, a future that does not exist yet at this moment, this moment that I am missing out on`! I have heard that impatience is a form of anger and once you take the time to explore it that begins to make sense. Whether you feel it in...

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The art of not knowing ( and what to do in the space between…)

Posted by on Jul 26, 2013

Perhaps, like me, you have found yourself in a time of transition, and perhaps the process is taking its own sweet time…. It probably began when you began to sense (in your guts or your bones or however you feel it) that what you have been doing has had its time and that it is time for something new, But the question is..what???   Yes, you get a vague sense that ‘a whole new something’ is beckoning yet right now you find yourself with…. a whole lot of nothing, I call this place ‘the space between’. This is the space you land in when your bridges have begun to burn and the future is totally unclear. And if this sounds at all familiar then I am here to say- congratulations!   And to assure you that you have not wound up in the ‘wrong’ place, in fact you are in a very potent place indeed. But of course it does not feel like a good place to be, it probably feels very uncertain and scary, we may feel like a failure, for we live in a world that values the kind of success and achievement that we can measure.  The accumulation of merit or possessions or position can give us a sense of security and self worth.  Yet in the process of re-orientating our lives we may just find ourselves HAVING TO LET GO OF ALL OF THAT!  (And yes it is scary). We may have begun to either hear or finally act on the whispers coming from deep inside, to slow down, to explore what is most important for us and create a life that is based around what really feeds us . And in the process it may well feel like we are swimming against the stream.  It may well feel like we are lost in a chasm of hopelessness as we are called to let go of the structures that our identity and self worth were constructed on, as we give up ‘the known’ and begin to hang out in the unknowing. And when we find ourselves in a no mans land with no signposts leading anywhere and no apparent mission in life to validate us, could it be that out there (or in here) in this bewildering wilderness we have the chance to encounter something so obvious that we had previously missed out on it? Something so...

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Are you shoulding? (and the 7 step ‘Should process’ for when you are)

Posted by on Aug 17, 2013

I find it fascinating how, we are the way that we are (how could we not be?) yet most of the time, we give ourselves a hard time with this idea that we ‘should’ be different. When we give ourselves a should we tell ourselves that what we are or what we are doing is somehow not good enough, we conjure up a parallel reality where there is a perfect self, who does all the perfect things, makes all the perfect decisions etc….. Yes I should eat less, smoke less, do more, earn more, exercise more, be thinner, smarter, sexier etc. be more organized/successful/relaxed/loving/knowledgeable/whatever. Do any of these babies sound familiar? Or do you perhaps have your own unique cocktails of ‘shoulds’ ? Isn’t it tiring? (Take a nice deep breath in and out now please).And now ask yourself; are you ready to give up the mind f*** and the fight and break out of the ‘should paradigm? Once and for all?’   Lets break it down…yes, there are so many ways we ‘should’ ourselves, but essentially they are all the same, a denial of the way things are, of who we are, right now. It is a way of arguing with reality, of moving out of our experience and into ‘the should paradigm’, which, quite frankly sucks.  This image of how we ‘should’ be, has the power to tyrannize us and keep us feeling generally incredibly inadequate. I wonder, why would we want to make ourselves wrong for being who we are? I wonder who the hell designed the ‘way things should be’ and I also wonder why we fall for it. I figure it is probably because we were trained into it, introduced to the should paradigm at an early age by those who knew no better, by those who were also conditioned to should themselves and question their innate self worth, those who were also not offered a way to connect to a sense of wonder and contentment with life as is it and who are, right now.  We have been conditioned into thinking that the ‘shoulding’ is in the service of self improvement, but really, it is more like a thinly disguised form of bullying, showing up in sneakily and subtle forms of self criticism. Living under the weight of ‘shoulds’ is heavy because when we ‘should’ we keep on reinforcing the notion that we...

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Getting wise to the mindf***

Posted by on Oct 31, 2013

But f*** why would i follow that train? Again and again i am reminded that in this moment i have so much power, there is always an opportunity to feel irritated/unworthy/hopeless/separate, even here in paradise my mind is perfectly happy to cough up some material that supports the idea that life is unsatisfactory/i am doomed for failure and eternal loneliness/ that it is all hopeless… So when i notice the negative mental look, i turn up the volume on the bhakti(devotion) and say THANK YOU for all that i have(so so blessed, to be here,in a womans body , with all this freedom and the wisdom to enjoy it), i spend time tuning into the whispers of my womb so that this inner voice is strengthened and ,hopefully, outweighs the mental chatter. I do my orgasmic manifestation to empower my vision and i liberally shower myself with golden smiling light. I also honour my sadness and other uncomfortable feelings, this bit can be hard but it is a very important part of the deal, when those deep feelings arise, i know there is something there to be listened to, that i cannot jump ahead and throw light strait onto it, i know it is my job to listen to the depths within, and so i do, i take the time, i do not take short cuts, i do not think they exist, i know that i will keep on projecting these feelings out into my external world and create situations that keep them alive until i just STOP and listen. And it always dissolves, it always dissolves when i offer it the gift of my loving awareness…that is all it wanted! And then! i turn up the volume on the devotion, the living breathing experience of NOW- and start all over again…… Today i went to see a famous balinese healer (Tjokorda Gde Rai) -what a dude! it is a deep honour to encounter a man like this. Obviously he has amazing skill and knowledge and decades of experience. But what he really left me with, was his cheshire cat smile and his message-dont worry! Note to self, i am not going to waste my energy following the wrong train( the one that always moves in the direction of hopelessness) instead i will do what this incredible shining light of a man reminded me to do and that is...

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5 empowered actions to rock you out of the depths of disempowerment

Posted by on Nov 28, 2013

I began 2013 feeling incredibly disempowered. I had just emerged from a stint in the jungles of Hawaii having finally realized my dream to visit that magical island, despite feeling ultra full of aloha, I found myself hitting the ground with an almighty thud. I was back in my home country, without a home, without an income and without the empowered sense that I was ‘doing my thing’. In retrospect I see that this time was a gift. I was living in my van in the rainforest of Australia and when my van died (after swallowing a large sum of my savings) and I could no longer drive my van to the rainforest, it really felt like I really had hit rock bottom. After wallowing in a feeling of desperate hopelessness for a short(ish) period of time I began to understand that the universe was sending me a message… In no uncertain terms it was saying- Get it together girl!!!!!!! So I am going to share with you how I did just that. Saying thank you for the shit… I began living in my broken down van next to my beloved 72 year old Argentinean yogi friends caravan in Byron Bay. Around this time a huge windstorm came and ripped our site apart. I looked around at the destruction of both my inner self worth and the outer reality of my living situation and I thought. Ok….time to get an action plan… And the first step was to say thank you. Yes, going back to my homeland has always been challenging for me. I had always met these challenges with resistance. So I took action by changing my attitude. I changed the program and said thank you. I remember looking out to the ocean and reflecting with newfound clarity and acceptance that I was meeting different parts of myself, difficult parts, that I was not shown in other places. I took the time to deeply honor this opportunity to meet these parts of myself.  I said a deep gracious thank you for this lesson in disempowerment, and in the process of honoring this, I chose to wrap up this chapter and choose a new story. A story in which my empowered self played a starring role! Empowered action-Recognize the gifts in your challenging circumstances, make peace with it and make the choice to ‘step up’. What is really important...

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The Sister Circle Revolution

Posted by on Dec 6, 2013

Without regular gatherings with sisters, personally, I think I would go insane… Really! I have no idea how anyone could survive let alone thrive without the opportunity to get wild, be heard and be held in the loving presence of sisterhood. In fact I write this as I revel in the after glow of one of those gatherings. I love how these circles can take countless forms, but how they nearly always, strip us down to our most basic parts and then rebuild us into fresh wonderful forms. The circle I have just come from was particularly wild; we put music on and went on an ecstatic journey of transformational breathing, we laughed, wailed, screamed, shook, bounced our sacrum’s on the ground, and most of all, we let go! It was amazing! And I left feeling loved, supported, inspired and at peace. It may not always look as wild as this… Sometimes just sitting in a circle and sharing where we are at is just as powerful as dancing around in ecstatic bliss. Whatever form a sister circle takes; no doubt women have always done it. Conjure up in your minds eye…. middle eastern women gathering to belly dance, women squatting over stoves in kitchens across India, Aboriginal women gathering to do ‘womens work’, Gypsy women, Business women, mothers, sisters, aunties, knitting, singing, dancing, grieving, celebrating, praying…. The power of the circle Despite the fact that gathering with women with a shared intention is as old as the hills, it is still in fact, totally revolutionary, every single time. And in my experience, we always gather in a circle. The circle is a symbol of the feminine, in circle we are all equals, in circles energy flows and it acts like a container for energy to build. A circle is pretty much the polar opposite to the hierarchical model we see in corporations. When we gather like this we are not out to get something or achieve something, we come to BE, we come to go deep, we come to honour the sacred in ourselves, in each other, in life. The sister circle offers us the opportunity to be heard In a sister circle there is always time for women to share and speak their story. Through being witnessed in a loving and non judgemental space remarkable healings can occur naturally.. If we have a problem and we keep...

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I f***ing ROCK!- and other fear busting mantras

Posted by on Dec 12, 2013

A wise woman once told me ‘Girl! You gotta get out there and be like-I f***ing rock!’ When she told me, i actually scribbled down notes… I knew in my belly that she was offering me a valuable nugget of wisdom and I have gone on to make the most of her empowering message. What she was really telling me was to stop acting small and go out there and do my thing. So these days, whenever I am doubting my worth and kind of freaking out because life is asking me to ‘put myself out there’ and go beyond my comfort zone- I pull this baby out…. I speak it in my mind with gusto as I walk, dance, ride my motorbike, basically, I use it whenever I either need reminding or just as a celebration chant. I don’t just roll the words around my mind, I blast it through my cells, I breath them through my yoni, I pulsate them through my entire being. I use them to expand and empower me so that I can step out of my little box of ‘I am not good enough and into a much more spacious place that gives me the confidence to offer my gifts to the world with confidence. And when I do this, something in me goes ‘oh yeah…you know I do f***ing rock…The words call me to attention, they make me stand up straighter, breathe more fully, strut with a little more pizaz…. Basically these words of power encourage me to step up and own my power and claim the worth of what I have to offer. And sheesh! We all have something to offer, and we are doing absolutely no one any service at all by playing it small and holding back from fear of our bigness. So this is why utilizing words of power becomes a national service rather than an indulgent ego trip. And in case you are not clear about what a mantra is exactly I would suggest that they are quite simply, words that have the power to effect a change in our experience. They give our minds something useful to chew on rather than that old ‘I am not enough’ program that we may have running. The Sanskrit word ‘mantra’ is literally interpreted as ‘instrument for the mind’. Through speaking a powerful mantra, whether it is a traditional one...

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5 good reasons why your body is an amazing place to be….

Posted by on Dec 20, 2013

Gosh , it is so easy to focus on what is ‘ not good enough ‘ about our bodies… In case you are forgetting what a phenomenal gift it is to be in your body, here i am to give you some damn good reasons why your body is an amazing place to be and offer some reminders of how to make the most of it. 1.It is a playground…. a vast landscape of sensation, a rapidly shifting terrain of feeling, have you noticed? It is a playground so go on and play in it, explore it, be curious, be grateful. Offer it praise, attention, deep breaths, soft touches, colourful adornments and sweet love. 2.It is a transformation station-it is where you can transform tension into openness, anger into the energy to do shit, fear into courageousness. All you have to do is be a willing player, to feel the feelings and be open to them changing. Be open to your own natural transformation by accepting how your body feels right now. Be open to what you feel now, knowing that you can trust your body wisdom to lead the way at all times. 3.It is your temple…this is where you get to experience both the sacred and the mundane, the chaos and the peace, the life and the death, the pleasure and the pain. This is where it all happens, this is the alter of your life. So give it the respect and devotion it deserves and allow your movements be a sacred sensual prayer to life.And if you do not know what i mean by that, then experiment! If you were a goddess how would you be holding yourself right now? how would you move? how would you breathe? 4.It is your vehicle! Your body offers you the amazing luxuries’ of walking, running, making love, receiving touch and dancing-just to name a few……It offers you the ability to express yourself and offer your essence to the world. So look after it! Oil it up with juicy movements, inspiring music, earth medicine and yummy oils. Be aware of the joys it offers you. Do not, even for one second, take it for granted!! And last but not least… 5.It can hop on the pleasure train…. YES, it certainly can. When our sexual energy is ignited and welcomed, when we feel at home in, and in touch with our...

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5 gifts from your inner warrioress

Posted by on Jan 9, 2014

One of the archetypes of the wild sacred feminine is ‘the divine warrioress’. When we activate and embody this divine warriors spirit within ourselves we feel grounded, clear and courageous.  She allows us to own our greatness, cherish our vulnerability and take a giant loving courageous leap into the mystery of who we are.   The good news is that there is a reservoir of this potent archetypal warrioress essence in every single woman- hooray! This potent infusion of feminine power keeps us juicy and most definitely freshly squeezed….as you move into the next year of limitless opportunities it is a prime time have a review… Do you need to call in your inner warrioress? Here are some of the gifts that the divine warrioress has to offer you, and some simple practices for you to help access them. 1.The gift of Empowerment The very cool thing about the Divine Warrioress archetype is that she offers us the empowerment to really step up and be our most radiant full power selves without guilt or shame. This shows itself in our everyday experience through feeling centred and clear and confidant, and giving ourselves permission to feel what we feel and do what we really want to do. Practice– Feel the power in your centre! Through simply breathing deeply and slowly into your belly you activate your connection to your internal wellspring of strength. Whenever we begin to freak out and doubt ourselves and get ‘small’ and contracted, then chances are we are not breathing fully into our bellies.   And when we do, we get onto a fast track back to a felt sense of our power. 2.The gift of Awareness The Warrioress within allows us to notice when our energy is getting drained. She offers us the ability to establish healthy boundaries with others, and create lifestyle habits, which protect our energy levels and create emotional harmony. Practice- Continually check in with yourself, how do I feel right now? Do I need some quiet time? do I need to move my body? Do I need to get away from this person who is not making me feel good about myself? Check in to what you need and make it a priority to provide that for yourself……….. 3. The gift of Strength She holds the energy of the feline jungle queen and offers both the strength of the lioness and the...

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The only way out is in

Posted by on Jan 20, 2014

The big secret is that the only way out really is in. I certainly was not taught this is school, but what I have found is that there is a goldmine of wisdom nestled in my body. Right there in the cavern of my womb space, in the palace of my yoni, in the mysterious depths of my feeling life… I did not know this, until life was kind enough to take me on a conscious foray into the mystery of my feminine being. And the good news is that all women have this within them waiting to be accessed and celebrated… This has been the big game changer for me; now that I feel connected, and bow down to, the wisdom I find from within, I am happily ensconced in a world of depth, beauty and magic which takes place somewhere in the crossing point of my body and all the worlds seen and unseen. And it is a living wonder. A living wisdom that reveals itself, over and over, moment by moment, as long as I just keep on listening…… And now that I have discovered this wild inner terrain i cannot help but reflect sometimes…. why oh why are women not given road maps for ‘the way in’? Could it be just that as indigenous earth based wisdom became increasingly ignored that the way to the wisdom within was forgotten? Or that it has been hidden as a way to suppress the ridiculously potent force of wild feminine energy? Who knows? And at the end of the day, who cares? What is important is that it has can never be truly lost and this is what I seek to share, in any way I can; That the Sacred Feminine is alive and well right there within us. Yes she is! Even if we run about depleting our energy rather than nurturing it, and even if we endlessly focus on the blah blah in our heads rather than the whispers from within, even then! All the while this feminine knowing is nestled in the honey pots of our wombs and she is in our ovaries teeming with the impulse for creativity waiting to be uleashed. The thing is that if we do take the time to listen, we receive the full whammy of her bounty. Once we take the time to get out of our heads and...

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A Single girls guide to…..receiving masculine energy

Posted by on Feb 8, 2014

I have been single forever, actually that is not exactly true.  I have been officially single for about 6 years and sometimes that feels like forever. Of course there has been the odd intimate interaction with a real live man, and there has also been some short but deep love ‘affairs’ and some incredible dirty dances to boot yet in this last period of my life I have been uber celibate and solitary for big chunks of time.  Yet this period of my life has also been so incredibly erotic and orgasmic and growth-full and intimate and fulfilling…. How can that be you may ask? Well I am going to try and answer that question and share some of the ways that I have learnt to use the raw materials of my single life to get deeply met by the masculine. 1.let Krishna adore you. Krishna is the god of love and loved nothing more than playing with his gopis. Some men are really good at adoring women. And I do not mean sleazing on her; I mean adoring her and appreciating her and honoring her feminine essence and beauty. These men who play the part of Krishna simply want to adore you without wanting anything from you.  Often these men do not come in packages that you consider boyfriend material, I have had a few krishnas who have been a lot older than me and I had a Krishna on the dance floor on Sunday night who was super cute and far too young. You do not have to ‘do’ anything with these krishnas; the role that these men play is to appreciate you and celebrate you for the joy of it.  Your job is to receive the appreciation– and this is not necessarily easy if your head gets in the way, but if you give it a go this can become a fine opportunity to learn how to receive loving attention and masculine energy.  As long as they are in fact good conscious krishnas, and not grabby sleazoids, then these men can teach you a lot about love if you let them. So relax, breathe and receive and let them! 2. Take Shiva as your consort Shiva energy is strong and masculine, and usually pretty damn sexy. This Sacred Masculine energy is embodied in men who are very present and who inhabit their masculine essence fully, and...

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