Wild Sacred Feminine

Sacred Womens Practices 4 Healing & Empowerment

Tools and Practices

Tao Tantric Feminine Arts

Both incredibly nourishing and powerful, the Tao Tantric techniques awaken our natural life force energy and ignite our natural feminine radiance. For many women, finding these practices are a revelation – these are the kinds of practices that we want to do every single day cause they feel SO good and are so nourishing and empowering at the same time.

Through accessing, harnessing and circulating the power of our sexual vitality we can transform fatigue, depression, insomnia and lack of confidence and boost our energy levels, our confidence and peace of mind.

The Tao Tantric practices we offer include – Sexual Vitality Chi Gung, breast massage, sensual alchemy, energy healing, yoni articulation, jade egg practices, Devotional song and Sensual dance.

Meg – Mother Australia

​I don’t know how to thank you for the new path you’ve opened up for me.

Yoni Healing

Whether you have a partner or not, a truly alive yoni( vulva) is a vital ingredient for feminine health and happiness! Many women store a lot of unprocessed pain in this area of their bodies from past experiences ranging from sexual abuse, to sexual experiences that were not conscious or loving. This unprocessed emotional material manifests as stagnant energy that can prevent us from fully experiencing pleasure, attracting loving sexual experiences or living as healthy, happy, juicy women. In the workshops and retreats we share simple techniques and practices that transform this unprocessed material, leaving us available to attract the kind of people and experiences that we truly desire.

The yoni healing practices invite fresh new life force to flow freely though your sexual organs and your entire body and offer you practical tools for cultivating a healthy, loving and nourishing relationship to your body and your sexuality. These practices have the power to heal vaginal numbness and pain and may also heal menstrual issues, sexual disorders and dis-ease, low libido and low energy levels.

Please note that in the workshops all the yoni work is done with either clothes on or under a sarong so that all women can feel completely safe and supported during these healing processes.

Sarah-Chef- Oxford-UK

​I went out after the workshop and was surprised at the attention I received from men, I felt so grounded and centred in my own womb space, I simply radiated my feminine essence and people noticed. I was surprised to find that the sensual exercises that we did felt so natural and not ‘weird’ at all as I had imagined, they felt so natural and ‘right’

Womb Meditation

The area of the uterus (the womb) when meditated on, has many messages for us and can connect us with our deep cellular feminine knowing in a very direct yet mysterious way. Our womb consciousness, when awakened can become a guiding force in our lives, connecting us to an awareness of our connection to infinite wisdom and unconditional love. We offer simple meditative womb practices which can be used in daily life as a fast track to nourishment, guidance, healing and grounding.

Liz – Chocolate Maker Hastings-UK

Thanks so much for the workshop, I REALLY enjoyed it and got loads out of it. the chi gung was a revelation. I could really feel the difference; it felt like all the ‘energy storing’ we had done had worked as it literally felt like I had more energy in my pelvic area.


Sacred Feminine Yoga

This is a juicy approach to yoga that takes you on a journey home, to an embodied experience of belonging, beauty and empowerment.

  • It is a sensual celebration of your own body and an opportunity to explore how it is to let go of the effort and be guided by your feminine knowing.
  • We journey with breath, spiraling movements and intuitive sound. We use the ancient yogic practices to open us to our innate sensual feminine nature so that we can remember how to live, move and breathe in a ‘feminine way’ . With a sense of ease, grace and contentment.
  • The flowing movements invite the sweet undulation of shakti (feminine life force energy) to flow freely throughout our entire bodies and are simple enough for anyone, regardless of age and flexibility, to enjoy.

Sensual Dance

Women have always gathered together to dance and celebrate and express their femininity! Most women yearn to have full permission to express their sexuality in a safe and supportive environment. Sensual dance in sacred space offers us this opportunity to get out of our heads and into our bodies in the most natural and enjoyable way possible. In our workshops and retreats we provide the music, the space and the guidance to use dance as a way to rediscover your natural sensuality and embodied wisdom.

Zia- France-artist, photographer and dancer-France

Thank you so much for helping me to heal my menstrual pain, relax around my body and feminine gentle power.

Transformational Breathwork

This simple but deeply profound shamanic healing journey utilizes breath, sound and movement to awaken your primal feminine wisdom. This is a profound opportunity to heal and release blocked emotions and painful memories that you hold in your body. The music, the shamanic healing tools and the loving space help you to relax and tap into your body and remember how it feels like to feel connected, whole and deeply nourished. We hold a space of loving presence to assist your inner journey and find that profound shifts and deep healing often occur in this process in a very graceful way.

Mardie – Egg farmer-Rural VIC- Australia

The workshop was truly inspiring and uplifting. Thank you for sharing your wisdom so intuitively and selflessly. I feel I was able to connect with myself and the sacred feminine in a way I have never before experienced. Thank you. I feel blessed to have shared that space with you and the other beautiful women present. Such a gift, that I will carry with me forever. Truly a life enriching day.

Partner work and sharing circles

In the sharing circles we create an environment of deep respect with a strong intention for all women to feel seen, heard, and supported.

When we allow ourselves to be seen and supported like this, this is often the first step towards creating a nourishing life rich with love, intimacy and support.

In the partner work and sharing circles we learn about ourselves through the lens of each other. We are able to ‘go there’ and share our most painful ‘stuff’, if we feel to, and have it met with love and understanding – thus dissolving the insecurities that keep us from opening to others, and to life. The partner exercises tend to be some of the most powerful and touching practices for many women, these exercises act as effective ‘training grounds’ to allow deeper intimacy in all our relationships.

We are continually amazed at how profound the effect of these practices are for women. We see women coming out of the workshops and retreats completely lit up from the inside and going out into their lives replenished and full of enthusiasm and confidence in who they are and what they have to give. This is why we do what we do, and we love it. If you feel the call…we welcome you to come and dive deep into your sacred succulence with us.