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7 ways to help your feminine body to blossom

Posted by on Feb 22, 2016

This is an article for every woman who yearns to live as her most radiant and deeply connected self.

As a teacher of Wild Sacred Feminine Arts and the proud resident of a womans body that yearns deeply for physical, tangible, embodied fulfilment… life has taken me on a little tour of the kinds of practices which facilitate the process of a woman’s body to blossom.

And before I hand you some little parcels of wisdom from my journey I would like to mention that as women we truly are like flowers, and we are designed to bloom as such, not just for a limited time, but in ever changing manifestations of our essential essence….Yes we grow and change constantly. But like the flowers that we are, if our roots are well tended and the conditions are good, then we will be all set for maximum bloom. I have found the following practices to be invaluable in nurturing the conditions that nurture our unique and radical blossoming as women.

1.Goddess temple time

Every juicy woman I know is dedicated to her goddess temple time and the self-honouring practices that she dives into at this time !!!

Feminine practices are practices which work with our feminine energy( our ‘Shakti’), activating it, building it, honouring it and channeling it.

Goddess Temple time is the time we create sacred space dedicated to US, to doing whatever we need to do to meet our own needs.

It is the time when we give our rich inner world the attention that it needs and allow the flow of energy within us to run free, replenishing us and cleansing us and preparing us to meet the world from a place of fullness.

2. Invite in your sexual self

One major difference between a standard yoga practice and this kind of juicy goddess temple time is that within Goddess Temple Space our sexuality and our emotional energy are welcomed and celebrated and explored and channelled .

To be a blossoming flower we need to spend some time in the mud; we need a time of the day where we can totally dive into and express our ‘negative’ emotions and allow space for the expression and healing of our sexuality. This time serves as rich fertilizer for the soil from which we can expand and blossom.

3. Full body prayer

Women’s bodies are incredible vehicles for prayer

-In other words, the feminine body has the potential to be a portal for radiance and aliveness that goes way beyond our personal selves.

When our body remembers that it is a part of the universe, connected to all the elements of the earth and the great love that pulses through all, then we blossom, pure and simple. It is not something we can understand.

This kind of prayer is not about making requests to a higher power it is about embodying the goddess within us.

It is about letting the breath take us out of our mind and into the deeper layers of our awareness.

Whatever ‘practice’ that you do, the big game changer comes when you let it take you out of your worries and fears and into your greatness. And then the radiance reflected in your body will reflect the expansive state you have opened yourself to.

3. Back bends

I do not mean back bends that you push yourself into; I am talking about the kinds of movements in which your whole body opens up to the sky, whilst staying strongly connected to the ground. When we physically open the space of our heart then something in us remembers to open wider, our breath deepens and we begin to feel hope and joy and desire to LOVE and be loved in our fullness, we connect to our open heart super power.

Heart opening movements accompanied by deep flowing breath as well as other techniques like the Taoist technique ‘The inner smile’, have the power to effect out physiology and, in turn, change our mood completely.

4.Breast massage

Our soft feminine bodies, what a wonder they are, so full of life and yummy tenderness, this is very much personified in our breasts. I highly recommend to give your breasts some touch every single day, whether you just place our hands there and rotate, or your take some time listening to the kind of touch your breasts are asking for…

The more activated your breasts are, the more your body will blossom, there are good hormonal reasons for this, but why not do some breast rotations now and notice how you feel afterwards.


The earth is the ultimate source of yummy nourishing feminine energy.

If you go a day without contact with her, your blossom will be less blossom-y for sure…you are a flower, make sure you touch the earth everyday and bathe in her waters as regularly as you can. Consciously ‘fill up’ from HER incredible spring of aliveness, the Tao Tantric Arts are full of practices that allow us to connect to and refill form the natural elements. As someone who has the pleasure to share these practices I find that most women find them feel deeply wonderful and so natural.

6.Jade egg Practices

Your vagina is connected to your brain, it is also connected to your over-all sense of well-being

Whether you are sexually active with a partner or not, the jade egg helps you to awaken the different areas inside of your vagina this awakening dormant energy and charging up your essential energy in the process.

You can insert your jade egg during your goddess temple time to uplevel the whole process and bring more awareness into your sexual organs, as you will see, this brings more energy into everything that you do.

7.Honouring touch

Just like a flower, the feminine body is also here to be adored and what better way to do this than though soft caresses! Touch yourself with honour and invite others to do so also, this does not have to be sexual.

Touch can be a kind of prayer, a deep appreciation.

The body responds to loving touch by softening and opening and in turn our radiance shines forth from this deeply surrendered state.

So..dear beautiful flower you..i hope that you hope this article has helped you to become more excited about the incredible potential of your feminine body and empowered you to explore this yourself.

There is so much beauty to experience both within our pain and our joy and to become a open channel for life force is not only a service to ourselves but also to the world…

So BE the flower that you are , and be DEDICATED to creating the conditions to nurture this, to nurture YOU and the blossoming of your OWN UNIQUE FRAGRANCE.

The world needs YOU to be your most shiny self loving self !!!!​



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