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7 Secrets for Sparkling Shakti

Posted by on May 30, 2014

I have been working with a client this week and one thing she mentioned is how she would like to ‘bring the magic into her daily life’.

I am all about ‘living in the flow’ but i am also all about action plans and being pro-active. And I definitely  pro-active when it comes to creating a super juicy nourishing life that makes space for the mystery and the magic and the beauty, and I guide my clients to do the same.

This week I share some of the simple ways i ‘Sparkle up my Shakti’ (this is a Tantric term for Feminine Energy) in order to boost my energy levels and invite the divine to dance through my days… .

And yes- you can try this at home!

I have learnt a lot from living part time in Asia for big chunks of my adult life..

From the beginning I was enamored by the ceremonies, the mantras, the practices that made me feel alive and engaged with more than just the physical dimension…..I have learnt that there are damn good reasons for what they do and that those actions are based on eternal principals and wisdom. What these more ‘spiritually focused’ cultures understand is that.

Little daily rituals can inject magic into our days

I feel that we all (especially women!) really yearn to have the flow of the magical and the mystical weaved though our’ mundane lives.

I have learnt to adapt simple rituals to suit my unique character and my changing life situation; I call this ‘shakti spring cleaning’and we can all create our own versions of this- in fact we must if we want to be vital juicy radiant women!!!!

‘Shakti spring cleaning’ is an act of devotion to being our most radiant selves 

‘Shakti spring cleaning’ is as natural as can be and as old as the hills, basically, when you boost the positive vibrations in a place, whether in your own body or your outer environment, it harmonizes and beautifies and makes you feel GOOD- here are some ways to do that.

1. Blessings (aka-gratitude prayers)…..Do not under rate it- use it! Harnessing the power of your positive intentions is a much better way to spend your time then going around in mental loops of worry- agreed! So in the morning, make that positive imprint, say that big thank you for all that is (or something a little more specific) take the time to connect with what you love and BLESS it!(for example; I BLESS this beautiful body of mine, I BLESS my family, I BLESS my ability to create an amazing life…

Use your intention power to invite in more of what you love!

2.Boost your blessings….Boost them with some elemental energy. Why do most of the cultures around the world burn incense/candles/ herbs etc in their rituals? Cause sacred space and blessings are created through intention and enhanced by simple tools that represent the elements (incense-air, candle-fire flowers-earth)and elevating sound vibrations (bells/crystal bowls/rattles/drums/prayers ),

Spruce up your morning by harnessing these elements and clearing your energy field in the process.


3,Keep it clean… Make your space beautiful! Tidy, sweep, order ,freshen and chant mantras or affirmations as you do it…Get the external sparkling to compliment the inner-make it a ritual; take pride, spring clean and sparkle up your surroundings on a daily basis.

4.Invoking the Power of water…waterfalls of golden showers…I cannot recommend these enough; see it and feel it pouring down through the crown of your head, washing through your being, cleansing, showering, purifying, polishing, beautifying, nourishing…..see all that is stagnant washing out into the earth to be transformed.

sacred succulence sistersYou can meditate and visualize this, you can (like me) go to a natural water source daily and invoke the purifying qualities of water with prayer and song, you can wash your hands in the bathroom sink and imagine all that is not longer helpful to you flowing down the plug hole….

( truly, there are options for everyone).

5.When in doubt- massage your breasts …really! This is your new mantra! Sexual energy is the ultimate vehicle of sparkle. Your breasts love attention and they reward you by activating your sexual energy in a way that feels refreshing and nourishing on all levels. A breast massage ‘quickie’ yields splendid results.

Want to practice along to a super yummy guided breast meditation ? check out sacred sensual meditations

6.Breathe into your ovaries…. Your ovaries are literally store houses of concentrated creative energy, ovarian breathing is the process of breathing in and out of your ovaries, that might sound weird but I assure you it is not, you simply imagine that your ovaries and breathing like little lungs and feel them breathing in chi (life force energy) on the inhale and absorbing it in on the exhale.

feminine yoga

7,Soak it up! There are lots of ways that we can gather and activate life force energy with amazing but simple Taoist, Yogic and Tantric techniques like these. Yet the real sparkle comes when we learn how to circulate and ground awakened shakti into our bodies.lovely bio shradha

So if you do Yoga, spend some time in Shavasana soaking up the energy your have activated, if you do Taoist techniques then take the time to circulate energy around your orbit and plant it into your navel centre( the Tao Tantric arts are all about soaking up nourishment). And you can simple rub your hands together until you feel some warmth (this is energy) and wash your face with it- a simple spring-cleaning tool for anytime.

Be creative, be conscious, have fun sparkling up your energy field with your own tailor made rituals. Sparkle your Shakti out to light up the world!

Report back in the ‘comments’ section below! I would love to know about how it feels to try some of these out, let me know your experiences or your own shakti spring cleaning tricks!


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