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5 gifts from your inner warrioress

Posted by on Jan 9, 2014

One of the archetypes of the wild sacred feminine is ‘the divine warrioress’.

When we activate and embody this divine warriors spirit within ourselves we feel grounded, clear and courageous.  She allows us to own our greatness, cherish our vulnerability and take a giant loving courageous leap into the mystery of who we are.   The good news is that there is a reservoir of this potent archetypal warrioress essence in every single woman- hooray!

This potent infusion of feminine power keeps us juicy and most definitely freshly squeezed….as you move into the next year of limitless opportunities it is a prime time have a review…

Do you need to call in your inner warrioress?

Here are some of the gifts that the divine warrioress has to offer you, and some simple practices for you to help access them.

1.The gift of Empowerment

The very cool thing about the Divine Warrioress archetype is that she offers us the empowerment to really step up and be our most radiant full power selves without guilt or shame. This shows itself in our everyday experience through feeling centred and clear and confidant, and giving ourselves permission to feel what we feel and do what we really want to do.

Practice– Feel the power in your centre!

Through simply breathing deeply and slowly into your belly you activate your connection to your internal wellspring of strength. Whenever we begin to freak out and doubt ourselves and get ‘small’ and contracted, then chances are we are not breathing fully into our bellies.  

And when we do, we get onto a fast track back to a felt sense of our power.

2.The gift of Awareness

The Warrioress within allows us to notice when our energy is getting drained. She offers us the ability to establish healthy boundaries with others, and create lifestyle habits, which protect our energy levels and create emotional harmony.


Continually check in with yourself, how do I feel right now? Do I need some quiet time? do I need to move my body? Do I need to get away from this person who is not making me feel good about myself?

Check in to what you need and make it a priority to provide that for yourself………..

3. The gift of Strength

She holds the energy of the feline jungle queen and offers both the strength of the lioness and the grace of a cat-meow!!!

Practice– Prowl about like the sensual animal that you are, feel the strength in your limbs and the grace of your movements and enjoy it! If you forget how to do this then check out the nearest cat and notice how she/he has zero shame and sooo much graceful strength.

4.The gift of Vulnerability

She is also what enables us to allow and express our vulnerability, She understands that the capacity to feel fully and express and channel emotional energy, in all its many many forms,  is part of her warrioress medicine.


Cry when you need to, scream when you want to, whimper, sigh and shake and moan-regularly!

Express your emotional energy to release blocked up vital energy in your body and mind. 

Be a free flowing conduit for life force energy

5.The gift of Deep support

She knows when she needs help and is not afraid to ask for it. She trusts that life is supporting her at all times and is more than happy to receive the help that is being offered to her if it feels right.

Practice-Notice when you need a hug( or anything else) and for goodness sake ask for it! The warrioress knows how to receive help without becoming dependent and diminished.

Thankfully all these valuable gifts of the warrioress are there for us whenever we take the time to tune into our needs in the moment, and take positive action.

And the great thing is that through connecting to her we get to embody and enjoy our juicy energy-which is lots of fun!

Personally I believe that this power source can help transform the situation in the world right now. I feel that women have a huge part to play and that this Divine Warrioress archetype can give us the tools to both live better, and be ‘in service’, in a profound and effectual way.

So perhaps it is time for you to reclaim your no nonsense feminine power both for yourself and for the greater good of all; claim your warrioress, step into your power and shine your gorgeous light for the benefit of all!


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