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5 empowered actions to rock you out of the depths of disempowerment

Posted by on Nov 28, 2013

I began 2013 feeling incredibly disempowered.

I had just emerged from a stint in the jungles of Hawaii having finally realized my dream to visit that magical island, despite feeling ultra full of aloha, I found myself hitting the ground with an almighty thud. I was back in my home country, without a home, without an income and without the empowered sense that I was ‘doing my thing’.

In retrospect I see that this time was a gift. I was living in my van in the rainforest of Australia and when my van died (after swallowing a large sum of my savings) and I could no longer drive my van to the rainforest, it really felt like I really had hit rock bottom. After wallowing in a feeling of desperate hopelessness for a short(ish) period of time I began to understand that the universe was sending me a message…

In no uncertain terms it was saying-

Get it together girl!!!!!!!

So I am going to share with you how I did just that.

Saying thank you for the shit…

I began living in my broken down van next to my beloved 72 year old Argentinean yogi friends caravan in Byron Bay. Around this time a huge windstorm came and ripped our site apart. I looked around at the destruction of both my inner self worth and the outer reality of my living situation and I thought. Ok….time to get an action plan…

And the first step was to say thank you.

Yes, going back to my homeland has always been challenging for me. I had always met these challenges with resistance. So I took action by changing my attitude.

I changed the program and said thank you.

I remember looking out to the ocean and reflecting with newfound clarity and acceptance that I was meeting different parts of myself, difficult parts, that I was not shown in other places. I took the time to deeply honor this opportunity to meet these parts of myself.  I said a deep gracious thank you for this lesson in disempowerment, and in the process of honoring this, I chose to wrap up this chapter and choose a new story. A story in which my empowered self played a starring role!

Empowered action-Recognize the gifts in your challenging circumstances, make peace with it and make the choice to ‘step up’.

What is really important to me?

Around this time I was conducting an enquiry. I noted that I had the opportunity to create a life that I wanted, so first I had to figure out what I wanted! I began to observe other peoples lives, and I began to ask myself, again and again. What is most important to me? What do I want to base my life around? What do I really want? In retrospect I see how important this process was. When I began to move in a more empowered direction these findings become my guiding principals. They became the foundations that I was able to build the new story on.

Empowered action-Get super clear about what you want!

Finding the right container….

I also needed a container to catalyze and facilitate this transformative process that I was calling in. It had come to me whilst living in the jungle in Hawaii that my work was moving towards Feminine Sexuality and Healing, and post-jungle my inner voice had been nudging me to do some kind of training in Women’s Tantra. Lo and behold all the right people appeared with all the right messages and, despite being immensely travel weary, I found myself on planes, trains and boats Thailand- bound to attend a month long training for women on a tropical island(oh how I love tropical islands).

What was significant is that I chose to do this from a deep inner calling and the recognition that I needed support.

Ask and the universe delivers….

Support I got.

All the right people arrived to affirm what I knew I already had bad had begun to doubt…. people I deeply respected were telling me in no uncertain terms-’ Go girl! Get out there and do your thing!!!!’.

I also received some great training. All in all this month turned out to be the exact incubator that I needed to birth my path of empowerment.

Empowered action-sometimes we need support and a container for growth-seek support and containers for transformation1

Say it and feel it!

In accordance with the priorities that I had established in Australia (needing to live somewhere with an alive spiritual tradition where I could live in my feminine flow in beautiful natural surroundings) I moved to Bali. Very quickly I realized that I had found the perfect place to live my empowered and nourishing life. I created some affirmations that captured the essence of what I wanted to bring into my life. I created a dream board and wrote the affirmations on the other side and placed it on my alter.

Every morning I would do my offering of flowers and incense and gratitude, and my juicy physical practices (more about that soon!) and then I would read out my affirmations. I would not just read them out, I would feel the essence of them ricocheting throughout my body. If I noticed that any part of me did not truly believe what I was speaking I would keep on reading it out until every cell of my being was blissfully convinced and vibrating with the power of my intention.

In reflection at the end of 2013 I can say that almost every single one of these intentions has born fruit…

Empowered action- Vocalise your intentions and vibrate them through your cells!

Embody it!

But that is certainly not all. I began to use the Tao Tantric Feminine Arts to cultivate my feminine sensual essence and I used these practices and the sexual vitality that they created to activate my intentions. I created a ‘Sensual Warrioress Morning Manifestation routine’ and practiced this every morning. It was amazing, even if I woke up feeling despondent I would find that after doing these practices I felt like ‘Hell Yeah! I can go out into the world and do my thang! I can sooo do this!

Empowered Action- Access your juiciness and use it to embody your intentions!

And ‘do this’ I did!

I began to give talks, offer workshops and one to one Women’s healing sessions. I created a coaching program and began to write an E course.. And I finally created the website I had been dreaming of….Yes-after  what seemed like a long period of inaction I began to really do my thing.

So now I teach Women’s sensual empowerment workshops internationally and I LOVE my work so much!(which incidentally was one of my affirmations…). I love empowering women to step up and live juicy empowering lives and I have that wonderful sense that I am doing the work I was born to do.

I had been ’doing the work’ and preparing this for years, it had just required my absolute firm intention to kick start it, which is exactly what that dive into disempowerment at the beginning of 2013 gave me….

Moral to this story- dark periods have the power to bring out our incredible light….

Be your wild juicy self! Get clear, take action, walk resolutely in the direction of your greatest vision for yourself….the universe is listening and is only too happy to support you…

Empowered women are transforming the world….

Get out there Girl- and do your thing!!!RED PRIESTESS

Shradha Devi is a devoted Yogini Warrioress, a Women’s healer, Writer, teacher and Coach. She is based in Bali and teaches Feminine Yoga and Tantra and Conscious Feminine Sensuality workshops internationally. She is totally passionate about empowering women to enjoy their bodies and embrace and utilize their feminine wisdom and power.

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