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5 good reasons why your body is an amazing place to be….

Posted by on Dec 20, 2013

Gosh , it is so easy to focus on what is ‘ not good enough ‘ about our bodies…

In case you are forgetting what a phenomenal gift it is to be in your body, here i am to give you some damn good reasons why your body is an amazing place to be and offer some reminders of how to make the most of it.

1.It is a playground…. a vast landscape of sensation, a rapidly shifting terrain of feeling, have you noticed? It is a playground so go on and play in it, explore it, be curious, be grateful.

Offer it praise, attention, deep breaths, soft touches, colourful adornments and sweet love.

2.It is a transformation station-it is where you can transform tension into openness, anger into the energy to do shit, fear into courageousness. All you have to do is be a willing player, to feel the feelings and be open to them changing. Be open to your own natural transformation by accepting how your body feels right now.

Be open to what you feel now, knowing that you can trust your body wisdom to lead the way at all times.

3.It is your temple…this is where you get to experience both the sacred and the mundane, the chaos and the peace, the life and the death, the pleasure and the pain. This is where it all happens, this is the alter of your life. So give it the respect and devotion it deserves and allow your movements be a sacred sensual prayer to life.And if you do not know what i mean by that, then experiment!

If you were a goddess how would you be holding yourself right now? how would you move? how would you breathe?

4.It is your vehicle! Your body offers you the amazing luxuries’ of walking, running, making love, receiving touch and dancing-just to name a few……It offers you the ability to express yourself and offer your essence to the world. So look after it! Oil it up with juicy movements, inspiring music, earth medicine and yummy oils. Be aware of the joys it offers you. Do not, even for one second, take it for granted!! And last but not least…

5.It can hop on the pleasure train…. YES, it certainly can. When our sexual energy is ignited and welcomed, when we feel at home in, and in touch with our bodies. When we have claimed our intrinsic goddess-ness, when we have become aware of the subtle energy moving through our beings at all times, and when we spend time in nature resourcing ourselves with earth energies…then we take a ride on the pleasure train, not knowing where it will go, but knowing that it is exactly where we are meant to be! And exactly where we want to be!

Get on that pleasure train! Give yourself permission! And all the while stay aware of the gifts of this body, find that sweet spot, and dance there!

Please add more reasons to your own personal list of why your body is an amazing place to be and use the time to say THANK YOU in so many ways!    

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